Beautiful Family Photography in Greenwich and Blackheath, London

Why Greenwich and Blackheath for family photography?

It’s a fact in my book that Greenwich is truly one of the most beautiful places to have family photos taken in South East London. There is something magical about it! From the Royal Park to the Thames there’s multiple backgrounds to have your photos taken with. Below I list a few… 

My top locations

Greenwich Park –

Maybe an obvious choice but it is a staple of Royal Greenwich. There’s so many different areas to explore. Theres the flower garden which looks especially beautiful in Spring with the cherry blossom. The large trees make for perfect coverage when needing shade in the hotter months and provide great lighting for your family photos. There’s also multiple view points for you to take in and admire the city scape. 

Blackheath common 

With the sun slowly setting and the heath expending out behind you, I find Blackheath to bring a vast almost cinematic effect to family photography. It’s not somewhere that I choose to photograph during the day, especially in summer due to the sun blazing down, but in the early morning or early evening it is perfect.

Thames path

The Thames Path. Does what it says on the tin really! 

Greenwich Market –

This isn’t as much of a photo location but more of a stop off to feed hungry humans. A small but lively market to enjoy, especially at the weekends. 

Your Home

If you are local to Greenwich or Blackheath area and would to prefer to capture your images in the comfort off your own home then that is absolutely fine! We will have a scout out of the best places in the house for lighting to make sure your family photos are just right. 

Transport options

1) On foot

If you’re local to the area then this is an obvious choice, but even if you choose to come from further afield there are options, see below! 

2) Trains

Main line trains run into Greenwich, Maze Hill or Blackheath from London Bridge. There’s also the DLR which stops at Greenwich and Cutty Sark. The nearest tube is the Jubilee line that runs to North Greenwich (a 10 min bus ride into Royal Greenwich) or Canary Wharf (and then jump on the DLR into Cutty Sark) 

3) By Car 

Greenwich Park – Pay and display parking is available inside the park. There is also free street parking between specific times on the roads surrounding the park. 

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” 

Karl Largerfeld

My Style of Family Photography 

For my family work, I take a lot of inspiration from my background in fashion and portrait photography. I like your final images to look connected, effortless, and most of all… timeless!

I want you to love these pictures, to cherish them and to have them hang in your home to remember that beautiful time in your life. 

I won’t ask you to smile in every photo, I will rarely ask you to even look at the camera. I don’t put you in awkward poses and the whole shoot has a very relaxed atmosphere to it. It’s about capturing your family and loved ones in the way you naturally are, not a superficial version.

Booking & Pricing 

Booking is simple, just get in touch! We will typically jump on a phone call to discuss everything more in detail and cover any questions you may have. Hate phone calls?! Yes, people feel very apprehensive getting on the phone sometimes, but I promise I’m nice, not scary and there is no pressure to book even once having a call. It’s just so you have all the information, clearly, upfront with no hidden surprises.

Just looking for prices? All starting prices can be found on my website at: 

If you need any more information about a Family Photoshoot in Greenwich then please do get in touch! 





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