5 Tips for taking your own beautiful family photos at home!

5 tips for taking your own beautiful family photos at home.

1: Don’t over think it.

Admittedly a very generic thing to say but, it’s true! The best photos are always the most candid. You can take your own amazing images of your children without constantly having their attention. Get your smartphone out, wait for the right moment, breath, ‘snap’.

2: The perfect smile.

We’ve all been conditioned to say “CHEESE” growing up, but the truth is that the majority of the time it will only end up with the odd grimace and half blinking smile. Try getting your children to naturally laugh about something or even better tickle each other for that all important happy, natural smile.

3: Light is your best friend!

Light is what makes photography. You could be photographing Kate Moss in a Chanel dress with full glam, but if the light isn’t right then even that photo would look bad. The easiest (and most flattering) light source is natural light; a window or cloudy day outside. Get as close to a window as you can and to create a bit of drama by just lighting up one side of them. If you are trying to photograph more than two people, try and have them facing the window and the Photographer with their back to it. If it’s bright sunshine, try and find the shade.

4: Camera? What camera?

Try and be sneaky. The key to beautiful, natural family photos is to not to obviously let them know it’s happening. Usually the minute anyone (especially children) know there’s a camera around, their personality changes. They will either become a cover star or suddenly become a quiet, retiring, wall flower who hates to be photographed. If they are playing quietly on their own then that’s a perfect time, in their natural habitat, where they feel comfortable.

5: Colour.

I know it’s tempting to run and throw on your favourite outfit, but one of the key things about photography is ensuring that the colour palette is balanced. I’m not saying you should all do a classic white t-shirt and jeans (PLEASE DON’T), I’d just try to avoid lots of clashing colours and patterns. My go-to colours for a Family Photography session are: Beige, white, black, grey, dark greens, dark blues, deep reds. Think about the season you’re in and try and base it around that.

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Bonus Tip: The Dad dilemma.

It’s a notorious fact: Dad’s squirm and quince more that children when family photos are even spoken about! To ease any dads into it, get them to play with the kids, therefore they aren’t awkwardly posing wishing for it to be over quite as much. The amount of times I’ve heard “That wasn’t as bad as I expected” from Fathers after a family shoot!

I hope you have enjoyed these tips and that they have given you a bit more confidence to take those home photos.

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